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1 week ago
Kobukai International Budo - Australia

Ude kake sutemi with Dave

2 weeks ago
Photos from Kobukai International Budo - Australia's post

Great class today, a little bit cold but fun training with the sensei's

1 month ago
Yoshin Project


"Today's Aikido is so dimensionless. It's hollow, empty on the inside. People try to reach the highest levels without even paying their dues. That's why it seems so much like a dance these days. You ... See more

1 month ago

Some video footage of the three day seminar in Belgium!

1 month ago

Thanks Barry Lane for posting the seminar videos

Excellent Belgium Seminar...Thank you all!

1 month ago
Miguel Angel

Hemos sobrevivido al segundo día, muy intenso de trabajo. Con un gran trabajo final de Jo Jutsu de los Maestros Alexei y Vitaliy Lazarev

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