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7 months ago
Sensei Aikido

Some amazing Aikido by Nisho Sensei, a very strong style with exceptional flow and aiki

Shoji Nishio was an 8 Dan in Aikido Aikikai and 6 Dan in Kodokan Judo. You can see that on 0:22. Technique is between the Aikido's Sumi Otoshi and Judo's Tai Otoshi.

7 months ago

Some old footage on my good friend and teacher Sensei Steve Nena, one of Unno Sensei senior students from Yoseikan Aikido, the video was filmed at Forest Chase in Perth city,

7 months ago
Australian Gyokushin Ryu Aikido Federation

Coming to Perth in May and the Philippines and the US in April!

8 months ago
Dialog 20: sensei Jan Janssens about Aikido & Aikijujutsu Yoseikan

Jan Janssens sensei, (∫1951, Belgium) is the chief instructor Aikijujutsu - Kobukai by the Vlaamse Ju-Jitsu Federation and for Yudansha Kobujutsu and Karated...

8 months ago
Jo waza

Brendon & Luiz Kumi Jo Kote gaeshi

8 months ago
Kobukai Aikijujutsu Dayton Dojo

Well done Sensei Mike

Well done Pia, Rajan and Gian for passing your Yonkyu grading. I am very pleased with efforts and commitment. Keep up the good work!
Sensei Michael

9 months ago
Photos from Kobukai International Budo - Australia's post

Great to back home again on the matts and enjoying Do Gaeshi with the team

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