1. What do I need to bring to my first class? If you don’t already have a martial arts uniform (gi) please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing such as a T shirt and track-suit pants. Training is in bare feet. As you are training with other people please consider your personal hygiene and make sure your hands and feet are washed before going on the mats.

  2. What about jewelry and piercings? Aikido involves throws, strikes and locks so for your own safety please remove all jewelry, rings and piercings, or cover them with tape.

  3. How fit do I need to be? Aikido is suitable for all levels of fitness – at the beginning we will aim to mentor you closely and target the training to your level of fitness, co-ordination and skill.

  4. Can Aikido be used for self defence? Yes, definitely. From a purely physical point of view it’s a martial art that uses grips, throws, strangleholds, joint-locks and strikes to subdue an attacker. The system is based on non-resistance to the force of the adversary. The person who performs the technique learns to gain control of the attacker by taking over the energy of the attack and by using this energy against the attacker.

  5. What will I learn? Training in Aikido will develop many qualities. On a physical level you will get fit, gain co-ordination and learn new skills. It has been well demonstrated that physical activity aids in stress management and by practicing our martial art you will notice increased focus, calmness and resilience while at the same time having plenty of fun.

  6. What are the training fees? How do I pay? The fees are outlined in the registration form. The bank account details are there too and you can pay simply by direct transfer. Aikido Kobukai is a not-for-profit club so all fees go back to the running of the club.

  7. Is there a free class so I can try Aikido? Yes, your first class is free so you can train, meet the instructors and ask any questions.