• Aikido-Aikijujutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art – it’s origins go back more than 1000 years.Aikido Aikijujutsu Kobukai - International Budo
  • Aikido-Aikijujutsu Kobukai, our particular style, is the creation of Jan Janssens Sensei.  It consists of aiki-techniques from the repertoire of the Yoseikan Aikido of Minoru Mochizuki Sensei
  • It is a martial art that uses grips, throws, strangleholds, joint-locks and atemi (strikes). The techniques were developed in feudal Japanese Jujutsu schools and sword schools for when hand-to-hand combat was necessary. We also train in armed combat – the weapons are the bokken (a wooden replica of a sword), the tanto (a wooden replica of a dagger), the tambo (a 30 cm long baton), and the jo (a 1.28 meter long wooden staff), and finally Iaido the art of sword (non-sharp Japanese iaito).
  • Edwards Sensei is the head instructor at the Scarborough dojo.
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